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Jessica Bernards

Wendy Fresh

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Jessica Bernards has been teaching mathematics since 2005. She began her career at the high school level before transitioning to the college level in 2010. Jessica Jessica has taught math at both the University or Oregon and Portland Community College. She has taught a wide range of mathematics courses in-person, online, and remote from developmental math up to calculus and has created curriculum for all these levels. Bernards is the recipient of AMATYC's Lila and Simon Peskoff Award in Teaching and AMATYC's Teaching Excellence Award for her work in mathematics education. Jessica is also an author for Pearson Education.

Jessica earned bachelor's degrees in both education and mathematics from the University of Portland and her Master's in Mathematics degree from Portland State University.

Wendy Fresh has been teaching mathematics since 1992. She began her teaching career teaching high school at both rural and urban schools. In1997, she began teaching at Portland Community College and has taught a wide range of classes from Developmental Math through Calculus, both on campus, remote, hybrid, and online. Her love of creating curriculum has led to the creation of activities that make the classroom come alive. She is the recipient of the Gordon Galbraith Award for outstanding teaching and is an author for Pearson Education.


She earned her Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Oregon and her Masters Degree in the Teaching of Mathematics from Portland State University.

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