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Math Camp

Prevent the summer slide!
Gain more confidence in math!
Have fun!

Group Tutoring

Grab 2 or more of your buddies that are in the same math level.

Tutoring done by 2021 Teaching Excellence Award recipient, College Professor Jessica Bernards.


6th Grade math up through Calculus BC (Calculus 2).

Elementary level upon request.


Students can do tutoring

in-person, over zoom, or view the recording of their session if they have to miss a day.

The math will be taught in a FUN, engaging way to keep your student wanting to come back for more!


Flexible - we can choose the days of the week and time for meetings based on what works best for your group. When you contact me initially let me know what you would prefer.


$400 total per student for 12 sessions. Sessions are 55 minutes, 2 times per week from July 11, 2022 - August 19th, 2022.

This comes out to about $33 per session.


Each group will get individualized instruction based on their school, math class, and math needs of each student. Content will be aligned with your school's curriculum for ease of transition into the school year.


Best Math teacher I've ever had. Her class was very organized and she made it extremely fun to learn Calculus!

Professor Bernards goes above and beyond, and wants you to succeed. Her passion for math is infectious, and I truly had a great time learning!

Jessica has been by far the best math instructor I've ever had. I've never had an A in any math class before but now I do!

See what the Oregonian says about Professor Bernards!


Want to join a super fun math class? Yes "fun" and "math" can go together in the same sentence;). Contact me to learn more!

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