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Good Grades

Grading Equity and STEM

Grading equity - we've heard about it theoretically, but how can we bring in equitable grading specifically in STEM classrooms? This presentation will talk about tangible ways to implement equitable grading into your course right away, no matter the modality. Participants will leave  with classroom-tested ideas and strategies based on current theory with the knowledge of how to easily and effectively implement them. 

On a Video Call

Active Inclusivity: Solutions to prevent students from feeling isolated in your online or remote class

In a math class feeling lonely or that "I am the only one who doesn't get this" is a common concern among students. This session will show how instructors can actively reach out to those students in order to build relationships and create inclusivity within their online and remote classes. This presentation can also be tailored to work for all subject area instructors.

Math Homework

Math in an Instant Feedback World

Fitbit, Apple Watch, and MyFitnessPal - what do these popular fitness platforms have in common? They provide instant feedback, are simple to use, and contain a gamification component. This presentation covers how to successfully motivate and engage students in your course through active learning using these features that have turned the fitness device industry into a booming market. Participants will walk away with effective strategies and activities for immediate implementation into the math classroom both in-person and remotely. This includes best practices for Jamboard, Desmos Activity Builder, Kahoot!, Station Mazes and so much more.

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

This presentation covers tangible ways to increase inclusivity into your classroom, no matter the modality (online, hybrid, remote, in-person). Participants will learn how to easily and efficiently apply classroom-tested strategies for creating inclusivity, community, and a sense of belonging for students. This presentation also covers a brief overview of the Universal Design for Learning Framework. Participants will get tips and strategies for how to create or tweak already created assignments, assessments, course setups, etc. to be more inclusive for all students 

New Growth

Growth Mindset - The Foundation to Success

Growth mindset has become a familiar buzz word over the last few years, but how does it relate specifically to math? The presentation will discuss what growth mindset looks like, the importance of it, and how you can foster this trait in your students with inclusion and equity in mind. Participants will leave with concrete strategies they can start using in their classroom immediately. This talk can be geared towards all subject matter areas or it can be focused specifically for math instructors.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Study Skills - Essential for Student Success

Many students are unaware of the expectations and workload required to succeed in a math class. Bringing in math specific study skills can help substantially increase success and retention. Examples of short, engaging animated videos that teach math specific study skills will be shared as well as reflective student prompts. This talk can also be tweaked so it works for all subject matter courses.

Happy Student

Proactive and Positive Ways to Engage Students About Academic Integrity

 How can we, as educators, help our students understand what academic integrity means and how to not put themselves in a position where they're tempted? This presentation will talk about ways to be proactive with your class about academic integrity. Additionally, it will discuss how to engage with students who have participated in academic misconduct in a positive way so that students can learn from the experience and not shut down. All of this is done with equity and inclusion in mind. This talk can be geared towards all subject matters or specific to math depending on the audience. Resources

Laptop Writing

How to Bring Active Learning into Online and Remote Instruction

Keep your students engaged and motivated during online or remote instruction by bringing in active learning. This session will show how to take your existing in-class activities (or new activities) and easily adapt them to the online environment. It will also include how to use Zoom breakout rooms effectively and how to convert your in-class worksheets into dynamic, interactive online activities. This talk can be geared to all subject areas or it can be done specifically for math instructors. 

Business Video Call

Help Students Effectively Learn From Videos

Watching videos for learning isn't as simple as watching a video for leisure. This presentation will go over tips and strategies that you can use to help your students learn how to effectively watch a video for learning. Tips include, video guided notes, headphones, brain breaks, avoiding tech distractions such as phone notifications, social media, etc. This talk can be geared to instructors of all content areas or can be focused specifically on math educators depending on the audience.


The Flipped + Model - A New Approach to the Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom has been around for years. Update the concept with ideas for guided video notes with question sets for outside of class and in class activities such as station mazes, games, Desmos Activity Builder, and Kahoot. Be engaged yourself and then engage your students for higher success rates. This talk can be geared towards all subject matters or specific to math depending on the audience.

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