• YouTube Channel

    Jessica and Wendy have a YouTube Channel full of videos including step-by-step math videos for students, teaching tips for teachers including remote teaching, and study skills videos.

  • Flipped+ Professional Development

    The Flipped+ model is about more than students watching video's and doing homework. Jessica and Wendy developed this approach to increase equity and engagement.

    In this training and mentoring course, instructors will learn how to create an inclusive environment where learners are engaged and met where they are in terms of their level of understanding. 

    Both students who come in loving STEM classes and those who are struggling will get the support they need, thus developing an understanding that is deep and meaningful... and fun. 

  • Concepts Through Functions, a Corequisite Solution for College Algebra and Precalculus, 4th Edition

    Concepts through Functions, A Corequisite Solution encompasses full text content for College Algebra/Precalculus and the Corequisite Support course, classroom activities, study skills, and thoughtfully prebuilt, pre-assigned assignments to help students progress through the essential material. Instructors are given complete flexibility in implementation, no matter how their corequisite course is set up.

  • Developmental Mathematics: Prealgebra, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra, 2nd Edition

    Developmental Mathematics, 2nd Edition  utilizes the authors’ hallmark engaging features to introduce students to the logic, precision and rigor of mathematics, while building a foundation for success in future math courses.  Known for their unique examples that give students extra step-by-step support, the authors have maintained their successful text pedagogy, and in this revision focused on translating it to the MyLab™ Math course–resulting in a truly dynamic print and digital learning and teaching experience.  

    To this end, the authors have created pre-built assignments for the accompanying MyLab Math course, making it easy for instructors to assign homework that utilizes all of the author-created learning features and leads to the best possible student outcomes.  Sullivan offers market-leading content written by author-educators, tightly integrated with MyLab Math–the #1 choice in digital learning. Bringing the authors’ voice and approach into the MyLab course gives students the motivation, engagement, and skill sets they need to master algebra.

  • Almy Education

    Jessica and Wendy offer classes, webinars and consulting through Almy Education. In response to the COVID-19 virus, they are offering a free webinar over how to use Kahoot! and Desmos in a remote environment. Click here for more information.

  • Math Study Skills Program

    Coming soon

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